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  • What is Phresh Baked Goods?
    Phresh Baked Goods is a registerd and licensed microbakery owned and operated by Chelsea Berman in Denver, CO.
  • How can I get a hold of you?
    Questions or Comments? Please contact via email! To place an order please visit the "Custom Inquiry" tab at the top of the page. PHRESHBAKEDGOODS@GMAIL.COM
  • Do you have a storefront?
    We do not currently have a storefront, although we hope to change that in the future! Phresh Baked Goods currently leases space in a professional, licensed kitchen.
  • Where can I get your treats?
    I offer delivery throughout the Denver/Boulder area, or curbside pickup by appointment at 3201 Curtis St. Denver, CO 80205. During the summer you can find me at these different farmer's and pop-up markets: Sundays mornings at South Pearl Farmer's Market in Denver, May - October
  • Do you ship?
    Currently we are not legally or logistically able to ship our food to other states/countries.
  • How can I place a custom order?
    Please fill out the order request form here and I will get back to you typically within 48 hours to work out all the details and confirm/book your order!
  • How long before my event do I need to reach out for a custom order?
    We require an absolute minimum of 1 week notice for all orders. I recommend reaching out at least 4 weeks before your event. Especially around holidays and wedding season we get booked up, so we always recommend reaching out early. For wedding cakes, I recommend reaching out 3-6 months in advance so there is time to book your tasting, plan your design, order your special materials and create your dream wedding cake as well as ensure availability on your date.
  • Do you have employees?
    I currently run all of the operations myself from booking to delivery. As I continue to expand my business I will be hiring employees to help manage the growth.
  • How long is a custom cake good for?
    Cakes are good for up to 4 days after receiving. You can also tightly wrap and freeze your cake for up to 1 month.
  • What is the difference between the signature flavor cakes and the custom cakes?
    All elements on custom cakes are tailored to you and your event! This can include custom colors, toppers, flowers, and additional design elements added onto the cake. Custom cakes are priced based on complexity and cost of materials. If you'd like a traditionally decorated celebration cake you can order right off our menu! Our signature buttercream cakes come with a beautiful design according to the cake flavor and optional customized buttercream inscription.
  • How do you keep a cake fresh overnight?
    If left whole, your cake will stay perfectly fresh overnight in it's box in the fridge! If you have cut into your cake, you can store the leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer or wrap well with plastic wrap.
  • Do your cakes/cupcakes need to be refrigerated?
    All cakes and cupcakes should be kept refrigerated overnight and can be held at room temperature for up to 4 hours. Buttercream tastes best at room temperature, so we suggest pulling out the cake/cupcakes 30 minutes - 1 hour before eating for best taste!
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Absolutely! We deliver throughout Colorado for events. Delivery fees are based on mileage, please inquire for a quote. We also highly recommend delivery for any cakes that are 2 tiers or larger as we cannot guarantee safe transportation once the cake leaves our possession.
  • How long do decorated sugar cookies stay fresh?
    Unsealed cookies will stay fresh up to one week. To maximize freshness, store in an airtight container at room temperature. Individually sealed cookies will stay fresh up to 2 weeks. You can also freeze decorated sugar cookies for up to 6 months.
  • How much notice do I need to give for my order?
    All custom orders require an absolutely minimum of a week's notice to complete by your desired date. We recommend reaching out further in advance for weekend dates or larger events. For weddings, please reach out 3-6 months in advance.
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